Skillable Studio
    • 27 Mar 2024
    • 2 Minutes to read

    Skillable Studio

    Article summary

    Skillable Studio is a platform that allows users to create and deliver immersive hands-on experiences. It is designed for subject matter experts and lab developers who want to build virtualized environments that combine custom lab instructions and automated skilling activities in a user-friendly interface. Skillable Studio can be used for various purposes, such as Self-Paced or instructor-led training, skills assessment, and exams & certifications. Skillable Studio helps users to design and deploy hands-on training and assessment labs that suit their specific needs. By using Skillable Studio, users can solve the problems of creating engaging and effective learning experiences, managing and scaling of virtualized environments, and evaluating the skills and competencies of the learners.

    With Skillable Studio, you can:

    • Build your own labs using our rich authoring studio and library of ready-built templates. Customize your labs to fit your needs and objectives.
    • Deliver your labs to your learners through our secure and scalable platform. Integrate your labs with your existing learning management system (LMS) or use our own Skillable TMS.
    • Analyze your labs using our powerful analytics and reporting tools. Track your learners' progress, performance, and feedback.

    Skillable Studio is designed for anyone who wants to provide hands-on learning experiences for their learners. Whether you are a trainer, an instructor, a content developer, or an administrator, Skillable Studio has a role for you.

    • Organization Lab Administrator: Often reserved for the "lead" lab developer in an organization. As a lab builder your organization should have at minimum 1 individual with this role. Lab administrators are permitted to manage the security permissions of existing users within their organization as well as create, maintain, and delete consistent components for other lab builders to use (templates, themes/styling, etc).
    • Organization Lab Developer: Create and manage almost all lab functions within Skillable Studio. This role grants access to most lab development functions, such as Lab Profile creation, lab network configuration, lab scripting, and more.
    • Organization Lab Author or Organization Lab Instruction Editor: Launch labs and edit the instructions for the labs. This role is ideal for content developers who want to focus on the instructional design and content of the labs.
    • Lab Report Viewer: View and collect data and reports on lab activity within an organization. This role is intended for administrators who want to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the labs.

    If you are interested in using Skillable Studio for your hands-on learning needs, you can:

    • Request a demo to see Skillable Studio in action and learn more about its features and benefits.
    • Contact us to get in touch with our sales team and discuss your specific requirements and goals.
    • Visit our documentation to explore our comprehensive guides and tutorials on how to use Skillable Studio.

    Ready to take your hands-on learning to the next level? Join Skillable Studio today and unleash the power of virtual labs. 🚀

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