• 23 Apr 2024
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    In the dynamic landscape of online learning, staying ahead requires innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate validated hands-on labs into existing platforms. Skillable, a leader in validated hands-on learning experiences, has taken a significant step towards this goal with the introduction of the Degreed Connector, a game-changer for Degreed customers seeking to expand their learning ecosystem.

    Empowering Degreed Customers and End Users

    Degreed customers aiming to enrich their learning ecosystem with a modern, validated hands-on experience will find the Degreed Connector indispensable. This seamless integration eliminates the need for a separate learning platform and ensures a hassle-free integrated experience for end users, who can now access relevant hands-on labs directly from the Degreed platform.

    The Degreed Connector marks a significant milestone in the evolution of online learning, providing a powerful bridge between Skillable's validated labs and the expansive skills-building world of Degreed customers. As Skillable continues to pioneer hands-on learning, the Degreed Connector is a part of our commitment to making learning experiences more accessible, integrated, and impactful.

    Offering a robust solution, the Degreed Connector facilitates a tight integration between Skillable and Degreed customers. This integration allows customers to swiftly incorporate Skillable's offerings, build a comprehensive catalog of hands-on labs, securely launch labs, and receive verified completion reports, all without the complexities of traditional integrations.

    Unleashing the Power of Skillable Labs to Degreed

    The Degreed Connector is designed to be the fastest and easiest means for Skillable's validated labs to reach Degreed customers. It accomplishes this by offering four essential services:

    1. Daily Customer Catalog Updates: Stay up-to-date effortlessly with daily catalog updates, ensuring that users have access to the latest and most relevant hands-on learning experiences.
      • Your company’s full catalog of specially curated hands-on Skillable Challenge labs is securely transferred to Degreed daily.
      • The daily catalog automatically updates courses using established Degreed processes.
    2. Seamless Authenticated Lab Launch: Launching labs becomes a breeze with a seamless authentication process, providing a frictionless one-touch experience for end users.
      • The industry standard Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 secures lab launches ensuring a safe Single-Sign-On (SSO) user experience.
      • SSO functionality ensures the smooth launch of Skillable labs directly from Degreed courses with no need to log in to separate systems.
    3. Automatic Lab Completion Reporting: The Degreed Connector streamlines the reporting of verified lab completions, providing timely feedback on user progress and achievements.
      • When a user ends a Skillable lab a verified completion is triggered, automatically updating the user’s record.
      • Using Degreed processes to report completions ensures that user records are updated with verified completions within minutes.
    4. Simple Configuration in a Central Location: Skillable makes integration and management of your company’s Degreed Connector configuration convenient and straightforward by centrally locating the administration in Skillable Insights.
      • The Skillable configuration for the Degreed Connector is administered within Skillable Insights making this one of the fastest and most reliable methods of integration with Skillable.
    Skillable Administration

    Administration of the Degreed Connector within Skillable Insights must be handled by a knowledgeable Skillable administrator. This added security protects you and your users.

    Next Steps

    To learn more about integrating with Skillable using the Degreed Connector to enable the rich world of validated skills-based hands-on learning available with Skillable labs contact your Degreed or Skillable account representative.

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