• 02 Apr 2024
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    Skillable TMS Instructors

    A Skillable TMS instructor is a trainer who delivers classes through the Skillable Training Management System (TMS). Instructors can deliver instructor-led classes to learners, manage their course preparation, which classes they are qualified to teach, and when they are available through the TMS.

    Instructor-led training is delivered by an instructor through the TMS platform. Learners can interact with instructor and other learners in real-time in their classes and ask questions and receive feedback on their progress. Instructors can virtually conduct physical or virtual classes and can view and interact with learners in their labs through our lab monitoring feature.

    Instructors can manage their course preparation opening courses or classes they are scheduled to teach to prepare the content and labs. They can specify each course they are qualified to teach, and which days they are unavailable to teach a class.

    The Instructor Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the instructor’s schedule, including upcoming classes. Each day's session provides quick access to the class' roster, files, training keys, attendance chart, and lab monitoring with a progess chart for students' activities completion. It gives quick access to their saved labs.

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