How Do I Resolve Connectivity Issues?
    • 17 Apr 2024
    • 2 Minutes to read

    How Do I Resolve Connectivity Issues?

    Article summary

    Issues that are present in your lab environment can vary and may be noticeable in different forms. This article provides common symptoms of connectivity issues, as well as solutions to common problems.

    Best Practices for Reducing Connectivity Issues

    • Do not use a VPN, if possible. These are known to cause issues.
    • Use a personal device instead of a work issued device, when possible.
    • Do not use a managed network, if possible.
    • Use a hardwired connection. Wireless connections may not be stable in some situations.

    Connectivity Issue Symptoms

    If your lab is experiencing connectivity issues, you may experience one or more of the following:

    • Blank or Black screens.
    • Slow interactions in lab environment (Keyboard inputs or mouse clicks are delayed).
    • Messages displaying on screen saying The Connection to your lab machines appears to have been interrupted.

    Connectivity Issue Solutions

    Using the below tips can help to mitigate or minimize connectivity issues between your computer and the lab environment.

    • Work Issued Device: If you are using a work issued device, please try using a personal device instead. Your company device could have built in protocols that could prohibit access to remote sessions, causing connection issues to your labs.
    • Managed Network: If the lab is being run through a managed network through your Work or school, please review our Connectivity Requirements and have your IT department look over all the necessary requirements.
    • VPN/Proxy: While you can have success with VPN's, they are not recommended as certain configuration requirements must be met to avoid issues properly connecting with the lab: Proxy Requirements.
    • Use a hardwired connection: Hotspots, Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite internet typically have higher latency and can cause packet loss, which can result in a poor lab experience.
    • Review your security software: Turn off any third-party anti-virus programs, pop up blockers, add blockers, Etc.
    • Review your network: Port 443 must be open for inbound and outbound traffic. Additional firewall exceptions may be needed. Please review our Connectivity Requirements.
    • Reset your local Network: Power cycle your modem and router.
    • Confirm your bandwidth: The minimum Speed for labs is 200kbps up and down consistent/1mbps burst, Per user.
    • Try a different browser: Some browser extensions can cause certain aspects of our lab environments to not load correctly.
    • Try a different computer: Some work-issued computers have built-in software that cannot be disabled, sometimes this software interferes with connection to our service.  If possible, please try a personal computer.

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